The work bench battery charger at the flying field has been enhanced to improve the life of the solar batteries.  A device has been added which disconnects the work bench when the solar batteries have been discharged to their minimum safe level.  Once the work bench has been disconnected the solar panels will immediately start to recharge the solar batteries, and so, (because the charging voltage is much higher than the minimum safe voltage), the device will reconnect the work bench. 

Flyers will know that this has happened because their chargers will reset unexpectedly.

If flyers reset their chargers and start to charge their own batteries again the electrical load will drag the solar battery voltage back down below the minimum safe level, and so the cycle will repeat until the solar batteries have been given enough time to store enough energy to be able to supply the work bench charging load.

The committee ask that if your charger resets unexpectedly, and especially if it repeatedly resets unexpectedly, that you cease to charge from the work bench for the rest of the day to allow the solar batteries to recover. 

Datasheet-Battery-Protect-65-A–100-A–220-A-EN Tracer-AN-SMS-EL-V1.0 (1)