The following guide is for newcomers to the hobby of model flying.  The information offered here is to the best of our knowledge and understanding, correct as at February 2023.


In order to start model flying with us you must complete the following steps.

  1. Join the British Model Flying Association (BMFA)
  2. Register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as an operator
  3. Register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a flyer
  4. Join the Waltham Chase Aeromodellers (WCA)

  • The Junior joins the BMFA

The BMFA is the national body for model flying in the UK.  Membership gives many benefits including Personal Indemnity Insurance should your model flying cause loss or injury.  The WCA is affiliated to the BMFA and membership of BMFA is a necessity to be a member of WCA.  BMFA fees are paid directly to the BMFA by each member and are NOT part of the WCA fees.  BMFA membership is currently;

Junior £20

Or Family Senior £42 + £15 for each family Junior

Join Us – British Model Flying Association (

Once a member of the BMFA we ask that register WCA as your club in the BMFA membership portal.

The BMFA allow complete newcomers to fly 3 times as a guest before having to take membership.

  • The Parent or Guardian registers with the CAA as an Operator to use a drone or model aircraft

This is a legal requirement.  The minimum age for registration is 18, therefore a parent or guardian must register.  WCA cannot do this.  There is a £10 fee for this.

Register as a drone operator | UK Civil Aviation Authority | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

Alternatively, if the parent is also joining the BMFA you can register as an Operator via the BMFA with the £10 being added to the BMFA subscription.  We recommend registering via the BMFA.  

You will receive a 14 digit number starting GBR.  This number must be displayed on each of your models.

  • The Junior registers with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a flyer of a drone or model aircraft

This is a legal requirement.  There is no fee for this, but the junior flyer must take an online test.  

Register and take the test to fly | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

Alternatively you can take the BMFA on line test

Registration Competency Test – Model Aircraft & Drone Flying – Be Lawful – Be Safe – Be Responsible (

We recommend registering via the BMFA

  • The Junior joins the WCA

We need your completed and signed form, there is no fee for junior members.  The parent or guardian are signing the form to confirm that you have completed each of the above steps plus you have read and will abide by our club rules and constitution.  Also, you are giving us permission to hold your details.


WCA cannot register as an operator or register as a flyer on your behalf, but we are happy to help with any questions.